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A great venture such as a dental mission trip is truly a noble opportunity.  Joining international mission trips is an invaluable experience. You will be in the company of the industry’s best healthcare professionals and like-minded peers. There is so much learning and gains. Organizing the mission trip in association with Philanthropy Vacations makes the entire experience easy and manageable.

Why volunteer as a dentist abroad?

As a medical student or intern, dental mission trips provide you with first-hand international skill with purpose program like such gives you a chance to volunteer across Central and South America, Africa, and Asia you may serve in a wide range of settings and further develop your career trajectory while obtaining a better knowledge as to where your professional preferences belong.

Aside from medical centers, dental volunteers can work in academic institutions, enlightening students about the significance of overall health and its relation to oral hygiene. As an international dental volunteer, your contribution usually goes beyond your outward presence, as cross-cultural experiences like such provide valuable learning opportunities for the host community and your expertise.


  • Settle on the destination

First things first, there should be enough research done on which developing country you pick. Of course, there are many dental programs to apply for. Still, if you are planning a dental mission trip with your colleagues, it is important that you settle on the right destination.

There will be many locations and therefore, it will take time to narrow it down. Choosing the destination in itself is a huge task. There are many ways to finalize the destination

  • Ask yourself what sort of cultural environment are you looking forward to currently?
  • Discuss among your colleagues if they prefer the hills or beaches?
  • Is anyone keen on shopping or basic souvenirs would do?
  • Are you looking forward to an exhilarating escapade or home away from home?
  • Is language or traditional familiarity a priority or not?
  • Determine the costs

Of course, while you picked the destination for yourself costs would have been a significant contributor. However, the daily costs should be researched well. The cost of living, regardless of where you wish to go, should be considered. This can help you understand the trip cost estimations. Eventually, it will help you manage the itinerary accordingly.

Coming up with a number is no easy task, therefore, do your homework well. Managing your accommodation, dining, conveyance, etc. costs before you chalk out the plan; is a wise thing to do. Of course, there will be other things than the mission itself. you will explore the place, and look for sources of entertainment, cultural enlightenment, and social networking. Such things demand a well-managed week in terms of costs. The budget should be a realistic one as abroad destinations will certainly have you spending more than you planned.

  • Start a blog

It’s one thing to be a part of a prestigious dental mission trip but to keep the essence alive is another great deed. A great adventure like such is worth telling the world. Think of this trip as a joyous philanthropy vacation that inspires people. Nothing better than starting a blog about this noble mission trip.  Your blog could be a storytelling machine. It is your daily, valuable experience that will make a difference. A dental mission trip is so much more than being a doctor without borders.

The blog should be entirely your experience and voice. Something that tells a story and moves the readers. A blog is also a genuine effort to raise funds for dental mission trips. Investment begins with interested readers who see you bringing a positive change. What all can you include?

  • Your goals and aims behind the dental mission trip.
  • What does a day in a dental mission trip look like?
  • The skills and experience were gained from the dental mission trip?
  • How should people perceive dental mission trips?
  • Why should the reader contribute to mission trips?
  • Don’t forget Social Media

If writing does not come naturally to you, let the pictures do the talking. Utilizing social media for your dental mission trip is a great way to get the conversation started. Social media is a great platform to showcase your online presence and make a difference. This way you are connecting with people beyond your usual audience. The younger generation on social media is impressionable and your posts about your mission trip will inspire them to make similar moves in the future.

Social media posts with photos have 50% more chances of getting mass views. Your trip can grab all the right attention. The noble cause, beautiful landscapes, exotic locations, and rich culture are bound to win hearts. Medical mission trips like yours require immense funds and your blogs and vlogs can help you raise funds.

  • Consult the experts

Before you go on to plan the entire trip by yourselves, consult the industry experts. They provide vacation packages for noble group mission trips. Investing in an all-inclusive package that includes passport and visa services, flight services, customized itinerary planning, accommodations, transportation, meals, guided tours, excursions, etc. is a great idea. Nothing can match the expertise of Philanthropy Vacations vacation planner services.

You have an amazing opportunity of giving back to society. With the tips mentioned above, your dental mission trip is surely going to stir up some meaningful conversations and initiatives.