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Family Adventure Trip Must-Have Essentials for 2022

Traveling domestic or international, both have their own concerns, drama, and needs. From solo traveling to adventure trips with family, the requirements of a trip vary from where to how and the duration. From being technically independent to ensuring safety many items must be kept for an easy reach for comfort and to save time.

With the pandemic still not yet ended vaccination and other essentials that are a must, below is a list of items that you need to carry with you irrespective of the place, duration, and mode of travel on your adventure travel. These items will not only make your journey easy but also ensure ruckus-free experiences.


You might not be a person who follows a proper skincare regime, but when it comes to traveling you have some items that help you fight the germs and extreme exposure to an environment that is new and your body is still adjusting.

A sunscreen is on the top of the list, after this comes a face wash, a moisturizer, a lip balm, and wet tissues. These are the essentials that you must have when you are traveling. Having said that, everyone has a specific need and you can add or subtract the items you feel can be added or removed.

Being tech-savvy

It is very important to understand that there might come a situation where your battery dies or you are stuck due to some technicality and this will slow your trip down causing unnecessary delay.

Hence making the list of technical equipment that must be carried with you while traveling, a power bank is one of the items that will help if your battery dies while on the plane or in an area that is without charging points. A pair of headphones, and a universal travel adaptor as not all countries have a similar charging point, so carrying a universal adapter will help you get saved from your phone dying.

Apart from this, a luggage scale is also a necessity now when the flights have a luggage limit you can carry.

Better safe than sorry

You must carry items like medicines and sanitizers that will protect you against germs and other reactions that your body may show. One of the most important items is a medical kit that must include medicine for headaches, stomach aches, vomiting, diarrhea, allergy, and a pain relief spray. The kit should also have some band-aids and bandages that help you in case of an accident and an antiseptic like Dettol.

Along with this carrying a hand sanitizer, a pee safe, a pack of disposable masks, gloves, and a face shield will also help you against the various travel protocols in different countries and keep you and your family safe.

Travel ease essentials

Many essentials make your life easy while you are on the go. Some of these items are a neck pillow that will help you avoid back and neck pain, an eye mask to help you sleep in areas with a lot of noise and light, a Swiss knife, some safety locks, plastic bags that can be re-sealed, shoe covers and backpack covers as they will help protect your bag from dirt and dust.

Also including a travel blanket to protect you from extreme temperature, a pocket towel, and paper soap will help you maintain hygiene, and maybe a battery-operated torch for night travel women under the list of must-haves.

Travel liquids

Carrying your own bottle of water often saves you from spending unnecessary money and if the bottle is reusable, you can refill the bottle from various points available across the country including the airport.

Another important drink is the sunburn drink that helps recover your body from any UV rays and sunburns. This drink is a savior as it is an internal solution and not a cream that you have to put on your skin and be uncomfortable and it also helps fight against any UV damage. It is made with vitamins and minerals that are skin-friendly.

Other liquids like milk should also be carried if you have a baby on board.

Must have documents

Apart from the list of items that are important to carry when you travel, some basic and very important documents must be a part of your list. These include a physical copy of your tickets and other required documents as per the country you are traveling, vaccination proof, passport safely kept in a passport cover, another ID proof for an emergency, visa, a note pad maintaining the list of items packed in different bags for easy access later on.

Along with this, some currency notes of the country you are visiting, some passport size pictures, and required documents as per the country protocol.

These are some of the most important items that must be carried when you are traveling internationally. Having these things handy and within easy reach will not only help you multi-task but also help you save unnecessary time and effort.

When on your family vacation the list of items does increase, but a list of what all must be carried remains the same. So, do keep these travel must-haves in mind when you plan your trip as booking a plane ticket and a place to stay is not the only thing that is important when you decide to go on adventure trips with friends, or with family.